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Splashed Ice

With the growing demand for multipurpose winter and summer facilities, Custom Ice has developed our own line of ice rink and splash pad combination products. These facilities use the same floor to operate as an ice rink in the winter and splash pad in the summer. With our splash pad system, the water lines and ice rink piping is built right in so seasonal changeover is easy. And, the dual use creates double the fun at a fraction of the cost and space of two separate facilities.

In the past, the close rink pipe spacing made large splash pad water drains impossible so ice rink splash pad combinations were difficult. Now using patented Custom Ice high flow rink water drains the rink pipes pass straight through the drains to make it possible to construct any splash pad on any ice rink.

At Custom Ice, we construct both the ice rink and splash pad components so installation is easy and efficient. No need to coordinate multiple trades. Our splash pad/ice rink combinations can incorporate in ground water jets, and above ground water fixtures including: daisies, candy canes, spirals, bucket dumps, water guns, palm trees, bollards and activators.

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Splashed Ice


Custom Ice is a product of the crossing of
two ice paths. Dave Gagner, a former
professional ice hockey player and
veteran of 15 years and Brendan Lenko,
a professional engineer and one of the experts in the ice rink industry.

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