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Much like a natural ice rink, you will still need to properly maintain your Custom Ice rink on a regular basis to keep your ice looking and feeling great. Below you will find some simple steps to keeping your ice in terrific shape all season.

  1. 1. START EARLY – Just because your ice is refrigerated, doesn’t mean that your battles with Mother Nature are over. She will still be
    dropping snow on your rink and it will need to be removed in order for the ice to be resurfaced and utilized. The best way to do this is with a snow shovel and some old fashioned elbow grease! 

We recommend using a steel or metal shovel to “scrape” the top layer of snow. This works best when the shovel is angled and you shovel from one side or end of the rink to the opposite side or end. You should always shovel in a consistent pattern either length wise or side ways. While “scraping” it is advisable to wear ice skates as it ensures and promotes both strength and speed.

Snow removal should be accomplished in 2 steps:

    1. a) Shoveling back and forth continuously from one side or end to the other in rows, leaving the collected snow at the same opposite side or end perimeter.
    2. b) Snow should remain along the perimeter until all rows are completed. Once this is done, scrape any left over snow to the perimeter and remove this snow by lifting and throwing it to the outside of the rink or over the boards.
  1. 2. Resurfacing Flood – Once you have cleared away all of the snow, you will need to resurface your ice to clean away any imperfections and prepare the rink for skating.

    Connect your Custom Ice Rink Flooder to the end of your garden hose. For the best possible results, we recommend using hot water. Make sure that the valve on the flooder is in the “OFF” position and turn on the water at its source.

    When you are ready, turn the valve on the flooder to the “ON” position and start walking or skating backwards, pulling the flooder along. Be sure to watch that the towel remains flat, ensuring even distribution of the water. It is best to flood in sections from side to side or end to end, back and forth continuously. Be sure to spread the water thinly and evenly as too much water will eventually cause the ice to become too thick, impeding the performance of the chiller(s).


  1. 1.Heavy Snow Fall
    1. a) A snow blower may be required
    2. b) It is best to shovel from the middle out to the perimeter
  1. 2. RAIN
    1. a) It is best to turn your refrigeration equipment off during rainfall
    2. b) Once the rain stops, use a Rain Shuttle or Squeegee to clear off any excess water through the machine gate or man gate
    3. c) Once all excess water has been removed, the refrigeration equipment should be turned back on
  1. 3. Ice Thickness Exceeds Optimum Level
    1. a) Turn off the refrigeration equipment
    2. b) Let the ice melt to an acceptable level, naturally
    3. c) Use a Rain Shuttle or Squeegee to remove any excess water
    4. d) Restart the refrigeration equipment



Keeping an outdoor ice rink looking and performing well takes a lot of work. Custom Ice maintenance products and accessories are designed to make owning an ice rink easier. Please visit our accessories page for more information on our products. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us with any questions toll free at 1-866-887-8840 or by email at


Custom Ice is a product of the crossing of
two ice paths. Dave Gagner, a former
professional ice hockey player and
veteran of 15 years and Brendan Lenko,
a professional engineer and one of the experts in the ice rink industry.

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