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Ice Rink Floor Piping

Custom Ice produces portable and permanent ice rink piping for all types of ice rink applications. From permanent indoor arenas, curling clubs, temporary rinks to everything in between - Custom Ice piping can be used for nearly any type of ice rink.

Our custom designed header and sub header systems are engineered for each specific ice rink ensuring a trouble free installation and reliable operation.

Best of all, the close spacing of Custom Ice piping systems result in 30% more surface area cooling making it 10-15% more energy efficient than traditional systems. This close pipe spacing also provides exceptional ice temperature consistency - ideal for curling and speed skating applications.




Roll-Out-Rink Portable Piping

Our portable Roll-Out-Rink piping system makes ice rinks easier, faster and less expensive! The Roll-Out-Rink is prefabricated in 4’ wide rolls with chairs
and spacers already built in. This allows you to easily roll the piping system on any flat and level surface while maintaining tube spacing. The Roll-Out-Rink
piping system connects to main headers using flexible quick connect hoses simplifying installation and removal.

    Portable rinks including backyards, town squares, winter festivals, movie shoots and special events
    Flexible designs are custom built for each size and shape of ice surface
    Tubes are constructed of tough, durable LLDPE material
    Easy to install quick connect sub headers and header systems in steel, PVC and HDPE
    Can be upgraded into a permanent concrete rink floor in future

Permanent Ice Rink Piping

Custom Ice rink floor piping has been used successfully in over 150 permanent ice rinks throughout North America. The prefabricated piping and reinforcing steel design can be installed quickly and efficiently saving valuable construction time and reduced installation costs.

    Concrete rink floors for indoor arenas, collegiate facilities, private outdoor sports pads, and community parks
    Fast and efficient installation with wire chairs and prefabricated reinforcing steel system
    30% more surface area provides more efficient heat removal than traditional systems
    Custom designed and engineered for each specific ice rink application
    Custom Ice concrete mix design is formulated specifically for ice rinks.
    Continuous wet felt curing ensures high concrete strength and durability.

Indoor Training Rink Piping

Custom Ice training rink floor piping is designed for retrofitting ice rinks in existing spaces. The close pipe spacing and 1” height profile make it ideal for installing on top of an existing concrete floor without the expense of demolishing the existing concrete. Most importantly, the prefabricated design can be installed in leased spaces dramatically reducing the capital costs of new ice rink construction projects. The Custom Ice training rink piping system can also be rolled up and relocated, sold, or leased.

    Suitable for retrofit rinks in existing building used for hockey training, 3 on 3 rinks, shooting and goalie pads
    Perfect for renovation projects on top of old rink floors
    Custom fabricated for the size and shape of each specific ice rink
    Reliable, trouble free installations.

ProCurl Curling Rink Piping

In concrete or sand, the ProCurl Curling Rink Piping System by Custom Ice provides the highest quality of ice for curling. Its unique design keeps the pipes close together and level, maintaining a uniform ice temperature so the rock’s speed and curl are consistent shot after shot. With a 30% more pipe surface area, the ProCurl system also increases heat removal rates and improves refrigeration system response time helping to lower operating costs.

    Close pipe spacing ensures best ice quality and consistency
    Available for all sizes of curling sheets in concrete or sand floors
    30% more tube surface area than traditional rink piping
    Prefabricated design ensures fast error free installation
    Lower operating cost compared to traditional 1” rink floor piping

HDPE Piping for Skating Paths and Ovals

Custom Ice HDPE rink floor piping and header systems are a perfect match for skating paths and ovals or any complex curvilinear shaped ice rink. Custom Ice engineers design each piping system with uniform flows and refrigeration to provide the highest ice quality and temperature consistency. Complex ice rink shapes are no problem with our HDPE piping system.

    Perfect for skating patch, ovals, and other unique shapes and configurations
    Reliable fusion welded HDPE headers and connections
    Common for traditional indoor arenas and curling clubs