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With private ice rinks being relatively new to the majority of the population we have included some useful information below to help you choose and plan the rink you want. Alternatively, please feel free to call Custom Ice anytime, toll free (866) 887-8840.

  1. 1. CONSIDER WHAT THE RINK WILL BE USED FOR – Before choosing the size of your rink, it is important to consider what you would like to use the rink for.

These uses, and many others, will help to determine the size of the rink that you should consider.

  1. 2. DETERMINE THE SIZE – Custom Ice will custom fit the rink to your available space and needs.  While portable rinks can always be made bigger, permanent rinks cannot.  When selecting a permanent rink, remember the kids will keep getting bigger.  Portable rinks cannot only be enlarged; they can also be installed in concrete later.  For families with smaller children (2-6 years), it may be better to start with a smaller portable  “Roll-Out-RinkTM” and expand it later.  Snow removal, ice maintenance, and installation costs are also important considerations when determining the size of rink best suited for you.  See our “Choosing Your Rink Size” page to help you compare Custom Ice rink sizes.  We also publish some optimum size rinks that best match the refrigeration equipment sizes.  Call Custom Ice for budget pricing or simply to help you decide.

  1. 3. FIND A LOCATION – Sometimes the choice is obvious, and other times there are many possibilities. If you are trying to decide the best location for your rink be sure to consider the following:
    1. a) A more level area will minimize ground leveling and excavation work
    2. b) A nearby or underground water line will reduce effort when flooding the rink
    3. c) Proximity to a warming area or skate change hut can be important
    4. d) Keeping away from large tree roots saves excavation work and prevents damage later.
    5. e) If space permits, choose a suitable location off to the side rather than overpowering your yard with the rink in the middle.
    6. f) Keep space on all sides for ground maintenance and snow removal.


  1. 4. ELECTRICAL POWER – In smaller homes, older homes or for larger rinks your residential electrical service may need to be upgraded for the refrigeration equipment. Check with Custom Ice about the electrical needs of your preferred rink size and then have your electrician compare to what you have. Generally larger rinks require an electrical service upgrade and these costs can vary.

  1. 5. CHECK WITH THE CITY/TOWN – Check with your local municipal permit or by-law office.  Every town is different, but you would typically require at least one or more of the following:
    1. a) Electrical permit and inspection – for refrigeration equipment
    2. b) Construction permit – for permanent rink floors
    3. c) Building permit – for rink warming huts or change rooms
    4. d) Green space approval – for permanent concrete rinks replacing grass areas
    5. e) Environmental approval – if the rink antifreeze is an issue
    6. f) Something else – its always safe to check just in case


  1. 6. BOOK YOUR RINK – Once you have made the consideration above, call Custom Ice right away.  During your planning, feel free to call us anytime to discuss your ice rink project.  We are always glad to help.  If we have not yet been to your ice rink site, a Custom Ice representative will come out to check the sire conditions and help you plan your rink.

  1. 7. DO YOUR PART TO STAY ON SCHEDULE – Whether your rink is part of a larger construction project or if it’s just a small portable rink, it is very important to ensure the work performed by our customers or other contractors is always on schedule. If things like electrical work, ground and site specific work is accomplished on time, then your Custom Ice Rink will be too.

We would be pleased to help you plan the ice rink of your dreams.  Please, feel free to contact us with any questions toll free at (866) 887-8840 or by email at


Custom Ice is a product of the crossing of
two ice paths. Dave Gagner, a former
professional ice hockey player and
veteran of 15 years and Brendan Lenko,
a professional engineer and one of the experts in the ice rink industry.

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