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Custom Ice can design, build and install the rink of your dreams! We can install portable or permanent refrigerated ice rink systems that provides up to five months of real ice. Whether in your own private yard, or in the local community park, we would be happy to help design and build the ice rink system that suits your needs.


  1. PORTABLE ICE RINK SYTEMS – Custom Ice’s portable ice rink systems are ideal for those that have limited space and limited budgets. This is the most cost effective ice rink model. In this system, our chiller unit(s) are connected to our Portable Roll-Out-Rink™ piping grids that carry the refrigerant, or antifreeze liquid, called Glycol.

    We refrigerate our smaller rinks with our 4-ton MiniMate™ refrigeration chillers and our larger rink with our 10-ton RinkMate™ Kit refrigeration chillers. Both of these chillers can operate on single phase (residential) power and are ideal for private backyard rinks. For rinks that are 1800sqft or larger, we will use multiple 10-ton RinkMate™ chiller units or large packaged refrigeration units, similar to those you find in arenas.

    The Roll-Out-Rink™ piping grids are then attached through a series of pipes and quick disconnects to create your refrigerated ice rink. In the spring and summer, these grids are disconnected from the chiller unit(s), rolled up, and stored away in a dry protected area, allowing you the use of your yard space again, without damaging your existing lawn or patio.

    This system is modular and can be made larger, relocated or sold in future, making it ideal for indoor training rinks and for families that are still growing. It can also be upgraded to a permanent system later if desired.


  1. PERMANENT ICE RINK SYSTEMS – While a permanent ice rink requires more of an investment, it also offers the benefits of year round functionality. This type of rink offers up to five months of real ice as well as the ability to be used for summer court sports in the summer or “off-season”.

    The permanent system works in a similar way to the portable system, with all of the main components being the same. It utilizes the same refrigeration chillers and Roll-Out-Rink™ piping grids, along with the Glycol that is used as the refrigerant. The main difference between the portable and permanent systems is that the pipes in a permanent system are embedded in an engineered concrete slab or “court” before being connected to the chiller(s).

    This concrete slab or “sport pad” is engineered specifically to house our Roll-Out-Rink™ piping grids and to offer year round functionality, without shifting or cracking with the extreme changes in temperature from one season to the next. By using reinforcing steel, wire mesh and a special concrete mix, Custom Ice can create a year round sport pad for you that will give you and your family years of enjoyment and prevent unnecessary concrete or asphalt reparation costs, while increasing the value of your property much like an inground pool.

    Another benefit to the permanent system is that you will be saving time on seasonal set up and takedown costs. With the permanent system, you simply turn your chiller(s) on and flood the pad when the weather is cold enough. When the temperatures become consistently above 55°F, you simply shut the chiller(s) off, clean the court of any excess water and you are ready for basketball, ball hockey, lacrosse, tennis or any other “court” sport in the summer. When planning for a permanent rink, it is important to take the following considerations into account:
    1. a) Permanent rinks cannot be made larger, relocated or removed in summer
    2. b) Consider what you will be using the rink for to determine the correct size
    3. c) Remember your kids will keep getting bigger, so plan on a rink size that the kids can grow into
    4. d) Remember to make sure that you do not need any special permits from your city/town for the installation.
    5. e) Find a suitable location off to the side rather than overpowering your yard with the rink and sport pad in the middle.
    6. f) Keep enough space on all sides of the pad for ground maintenance and snow removal


We would be pleased to help you plan the ice rink of your dreams.  Please, feel free to contact us with any questions toll free at (866) 887-8840 or by email at


Custom Ice is a product of the crossing of
two ice paths. Dave Gagner, a former
professional ice hockey player and
veteran of 15 years and Brendan Lenko,
a professional engineer and one of the experts in the ice rink industry.

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